TMACC Membership

The TMACC “Resident Membership Card”

Identifies you as a Town of Monroe Resident when you visit us here at the Monroe Arts & Civic Center.

In addition, when you add a cash balance to your card it can be used to purchase items from the concessions stand, tickets at the box office, or pre-sale tickets online.

This card is non-transferable and cannot be used by a non-member.

To qualify for the “Resident Membership Card”

Come down to TMACC and ask to be verified by showing State i.d. and/or utility bill verifying proof of Town of Monroe Residency.

Management cannot guarantee the ability to verify at any given time of arrival. Please visit us at a convenient time as it relates to our movie schedule, so we have the greatest ability to accommodate you.

In order to receive the “Monroe Resident Discount”

Residency must be verified and your “TMACC Membership Card” present at point of purchase.

Only the “TMACC Membership Card” can qualify you for the discount.

Without the “Membership Card” in hand, Adults must pay the regular price.